Extended Family Band EPK


Kim Macari - trumpet
Dee Byrne - alto saxophone
Riley Stone-Lonergan - tenor saxophone
Alicia Gardener-Trejo - baritone Sax
Andrew Woodhead - piano
Tom Rivière - double bass
Steve Hanley - drums

Playing powerful and free-spirited new music that is ambitious in scope and alive with tonal colours, Extended Family Band is a new project which sees the original quartet of like-minded friends, Family Band, expanded to a seven piece band. Since the early work of Duke Ellington long form composition for large ensemble in jazz has been rightfully recognised as the legitimate art form that it is. With the free jazz revolution of the 1960s came an opening up of jazz's constraints that quickly made its effects felt on this music, with musicians such as Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane and Bill Dixon creating work that pushed the boundaries between improvisation and composition with larger groups. It is here that Extended Family Band takes it's starting point, with moments of fierce intensity and introspection combining with the blues and a nod to the music's past.


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'They bring a very contemporary sense of urgency to their music and the standard of both the playing and the writing is excellent throughout' - Ian Mann

'These youngsters contemporize an entire book of rich history with enormous gusto and a zeal usually reserved for their more experienced elders' - Darren Bergstein, DMG

'One of the best modern jazz groups performing at the moment' - Bebop Spoken Here

'You simply HAVE to get to see them - you won't be disappointed' - Martin Powell, JATP

'They were fantastic' - Chris Philips, JazzFM

'What a revelation - exciting group, gradually revealing more and more depth and thrilling the audience to the very end' - Blow The Fuse, The Vortex